Mukhrino Field Station is representative for pristine carbon accumulating peatland ecosystems of the West Siberian plain mires of the Middle taiga zone. These mires cover about 60 % of the land surface of this zone. The mire complex (peatland) is a net sink of atmospheric CO₂, as the mire-ecosystems actively accumulate organic carbon (peat).

The main fields of research at Mukhrino Field Station are as follows:

– biodiversity of flora and fauna of Western Siberia;
– vegetation and typology of mire landscapes;
– microclimate, water and heat balance of peatlands;
– hydrology of bogs and their role in natural dynamics of river runoff;
– carbon balance and other biogeochemical cycles in the biosphere;
– natural and anthropogenic dynamics of ecosystems;
– paleoecology and dynamics of bog development during the Holocene;
– stratigraphy and physical and chemical properties of peats;
– development of scientific and ecological tourism.



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