Mukhrino Field Station is representative for pristine peatland ecosystems of the West Siberian plain in the middle taiga zone. These peatlands cover about 60 % of the land surface of this zone. The peatland complex is a net sink of atmospheric CO₂, as it actively accumulates organic carbon (peat).

The main fields of research at Mukhrino Field Station include:

  • biodiversity of flora and fauna of Western Siberia
  • vegetation and typology of mire landscapes
  • microclimate, water and heat balance of peatlands
  • hydrology of bogs and their role in natural dynamics of river runoff
  • carbon balance and other biogeochemical cycles in the biosphere
  • natural and anthropogenic dynamics of ecosystems
  • paleoecology and dynamics of bog development during the Holocene
  • stratigraphy and physical and chemical properties of peats
  • development of scientific and ecological tourism

Please visit our photocollection for review of the landscapes diversity of the MFS

The lanscape of residual forest islands, mineral forested land and upcoming bog

Mukhrino Field Station helps to fulfill the biological specimens collection of Yugra State University which is currently stores about 7000 voucher specimens of fungi, mosses, vascular plants and others.

The main reseach goal of MFS is long-term climatic observations which would allow monitoring of climate change and assist to other research projects at the station. Further details on the structure of the meteostation and the database please find on a separate page.

Meteorological station Mukhrino

The are about 150 publications as for the beginning of 2018 which come from the field work at the station or otherwise related to MFS. This includes about 70 scientific papers, 21 conference papers, 6 monographs, 7 PhD works and about 50 different reports including grant report. Please refer to the publication list and the publications database of MFS here.



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