About Mukhrino Field Station

Mukhrino Field Station was established as a part of the UNESCO chair Environmental dynamics and global climate change (EDCC) of Yugra State University in 2009. It is equipped with modern facilities allowing conducting year-round long-term scientific research, scientific excursions,  workshops, symposia and other events at national and international level.

The field station includes two facilities located in different directions from Khanty-Mansiysk in about 20 km distance:

© 2016 Tommy Chan
PEEX field summer school’ field lectures at MFS © 2016 Tommy Chan

The station houses the modern equipment for research. There are  automatic weather stations, devices for hydrological monitoring, the equipment for micrometeorological observations by Eddy Covariance method, among others. A wind generator and solar panels providing the field equipment with energy. The system for satellite internet access was established which allows to have remote access to the equipment.

The main topics of current scientific research are climate change, biodiversity (fauna, vegetation, mycology, bryology), carbon and water cycling in peatland ecosystems and paleoecology of peatland landscapes in West Siberia. The station is also used for the spatial comparison of key areas in S-N transects as an analogue for climate change over time. The station houses specialists in vegetation science, remote sensing, mycology, hydrology and greenhouse gas emission measurements.

Welcome to watch a movie about Mukhrino and its inftustructure, filmed in September 2021:

Last update 12.06.2022

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