Research facilities in Mukhrino

It is possible to conduct year-round field studies in Mukhrino vicinity in peatland, forest or floodplain ecosystems. The main current target of MFS is the peatland ecosystem however, where the most of research work is concentrated.

The research polygon of MFS is equipped with 1 km long walking boards, which cross the main peatland vegetation types and facilitate researcher’s access to perform experiments and measurements in and above the peatland, without disturbing the ecosystem. Distributed across the field site are clusters of sensors, permanent observation plots, chambers for measurements of greenhouse gas fluxes and other research sites.

A wind generator and solar panels provide the field equipment and the house with alternative energy. Use of a gasoline generator is also possible if necessary. The system for satellite internet access was established which allows to have remote access to the equipment and Internet connection in the station.


The weather station is equipped with a set if automatic, semi-automatic and manual loggers installed in the bog and the adjacent forest.

The following equipment for conducting field and related laboratory work is available in Mukhrino or in the University campus:

  • a micro-meteorology system for measuring fluxes of heat , water vapor and carbon dioxide by the fluctuation measurements (Eddy Covariance IN SITU FLUX with anylizers for carbon dyoxide and methane)
  • analyzer of carbon, nitrogen , hydrogen and oxygen (Eurovector EuroEA 3000)
  • precision electronic analytical balances
  • programmable ovens and muffle furnace
  • high-precision satellite navigation receiver DGPS Maxor-GGDT
  • standalone portable water level sensors (Keller DCX 22 , Mini-Daiver DI501)
  • temperature sensors and precipitation gauges
  • electromagnetic sensors measuring the speed of the water flow (SENSA RC2)
  • ground penetrating radar (Ramac-GPR)
  • pH meters, conductivity, dissolved oxygen sensors
  • soil and peat augers, ice screws
  • microscopic equipment (transmitted and stereo microscopes)

More photos from the research polygon on flickr

Dutch researchers on excursion by the boardwalks


Last update: 25.02.2020