Virtual Access (VA) means free access to stations’ data and databases. Mukhrino FS is one of 29 research stations of INTERACT project which agreed to offer open and free access to different environmental data collected at the station.

Below you can find the links to our currently available databases:

  • Mukhrino weather station database (a Metadata catalogue (.xls) is available as well as raw data series (.csv files) stored at Google Drive
  • Yugra State University Biological Collection Database of voucher specimens (managed in Specify software, all specimens information including photographs is available online through Specify 7 browser version)
  • Yugra State University Biological Collection (YSU BC) homepage in GBIF (currently datasets on fungal diversity are available)
  • Mukhrino Field Station database in DEIMS (Dynamic Ecological Information Management System): only one dataset on TeaComposition experiment results in MFS is available)

Other three databases are listed in Virtual Access list of MFS but currently are not available online and could be shared upon request (we are working on organization of metadata-databases for these items in future).

  • A database of vegetation releves of Western Siberia
  • A database of satellite images of West Siberia of high resolution
  • A database of data series of EDDY covariance installation
  • A database of data series of experimental plots with Open Top Chambers
  • A database of hydrological observations series

When using the data retrieved via Virtual Access in publications, please acknowledge the Partner/station/database providing the data and INTERACT Virtual Access under EU-H2020 Grant Agreement No.730938.