Accommodation facilities

Mukhrino Field Station has a two-storey wooden house with study/laboratory rooms, beds for 20 persons, a simple dining room with a kitchen, and a Russian sauna. It is possible accommodate more people in the second floor and in the tents in summer.

Mukhrino buildings infrastructure plan

The MFS general accommodation facilities plan

MFS is a remote station without road access. It is reached by different off-road vehicles or on foot depending on the season. There is a walking path (8 km long) going from the nearest road (highway Khanty-Mansiysk – Nyagan) to the station, which is used in the late summer and autumn. The season with high water lever (May-June) obstructs walking but opens the water transport facilities: it takes about 40 minutes to reach the station from Khanty-Mansiysk by boat. The snowmobile vehicles are used to visit the station in winter. The is also an all-terrain vehicle (Argo) for field work in remote areas.


Using an all-terrain vehicle Argo for field work in the vicinities of MFS

Transport capacities:

  • snowmobiles Bombardier Ski-Doo
  • boat Freereder-490-jet (for 6 persons)
  • speed-boat KS 110-35 (with 12 sleeping places)
  • all-terrain vehicle Argo


Last update: 13.03.2018