Environment and climate in Mukhrino

Biozones and permafrost vs. Mukhrino FS

Mukhrino Field Station located in the central part of West Siberia, middle taiga biogeographic zone, 30 km to the south-west from Khanty-Mansiysk, on the left Irtysh River bank near the peatland Mukhrino.

Find more maps and schemes of Mukhrino environment in the album

Welcome to visit our environment photocollection  on Flickr for quick review of the landscapes diversity filmed from a helicopter, a drone and from bog pines! Following are the pictures made in 2008 from a helicopter during the flight above the Mukhrino FS vicinity:

The lanscape of residual forest islands, mineral forested land and upcoming bog

The detailed description of geography and climate characteristis of Khanty-Mansiysk and its surroundings in a book by Bulatov V.I. et al., 2007 (Pdf, in Russian).

Small topographic objects in the vicinities of the station had been named by MFS to increase understanding between visitors. There are 15 logged paths crossing Mukhrino bog made about 10-20 years ago for seismological surveys. They are currently used for walking and off-road transport and are convenient marks to communicate the area of interest.
Three main rivers and one lake were designated in topographic maps: Mukhrina river and Mukhrino lake, Bolshaya Rechka river, Baybalak channel. Other small lakes with peat bottom and 9 streams originating from Mukhrino bog were newly named. We encourage our visitors to use standardized names for communication and description of the working area.

Names of small topographic objects in the vicinities of MFS

Explore the environs in vicinity of MFS with Google Maps: