Our team and partnership

The Mukhrino FS employs 4 permanent staff and several employees of the EDCC chair of YSU, regularly working at the station with research purposes. The station also has close cooperation with many organizations in Russia and abroad and researchers who conduct regular studies at the station or permanent monitoring there. MFS is a member of several national and international networks. We are grateful to all volunteers (students of the University or other friends) who had been regularly helping to manage station’s routines.


EDCC_photo-personal-ED2Elena Lapshina, director of Environmental dynamics and global climate change – UNESCO chair (+ Mukhrino Field Station)
Doctor, full professor
Area of interests: peatland science, vegetation, bryology, biodiversity
Tel: +7 (3467) 357-714
E-mail: e_lapshina@ugrasu.ru



Alekey Dmitrichenko, MFS manager
Email: monitoring86@mail.ru
Phone: +7 (982) 1847113





Vladimir Bodash, MFS logistician





EDCC_photo-personal-ZEZarov Eugene, senior researcher of EDCC-UNESCO chair
Area of interests: physico-chemical composition of peat, peatland hydrology
E-mail: zarov.evgen@yandex.ru



EDCC_photo-personal-NFFilippova Nina, senior researcher of EDCC-UNESCO chair
PhD in ecology
Area of interests: mycology, peatland science, biodiversity informatics
Links: Fungarium YSUResearchGate
Tel: +7 952 705 7846
E-mail: filippova.courlee.nina@gmail.com


EDCC_photo-personal-IFFilippov Ilya, senior researcher of EDCC-UNESCO chair
Area of interests: vegetation, remote sensing, biodiversity
Tel: +7 908 881 7605
E-mail: filip.83.pov@yandex.ru



EDCC_photo-personal_GGGalina Ganasevich, engineer of EDCC-UNESCO chair
Area of interests: vegetation, bryology





EDCC_photo_personal_NKNikolay Krasnov, a watchman at MFS





Last update: 25.02.2020