Yugra State University supports indigenous traditions


On August, 14-16 the Mukhrino Field Station hosted the seminar “Construction of a chum – traditional housing of the Ob-Ugric peoples” organized together with the Youth organization of the Ob-Ugric peoples (MOOUN) within the project “Folk Workshop for Preserving and Promoting the Traditional Culture of the Ob-Ugric Peoples”.

During three days employees of the Mukhrino Station and representatives of the MOOUN leant how to make a chum under the supervision of the experienced indigenous artisans. Despite the fact that chums are traditionally installed by women, male participants of the seminar also had enough work. They prepared poles, built the floor and fished. Women cut and sewed tent-cloth. Continue reading

Extending ties with Germany


The leaders of Yugra State University were glad to meet the representatives of Münster University, Westphalia (Germany) and Tyumen State University (Russia) on August 6th, 2015. The key discussion topic was actions to be taken for the further implementation of the «Route of Friendship» project performed by the three universities as well as cooperation prospects for academic mobility.

The meeting resulted in a cooperation agreement signed by Yugra State University and Münster University. Continue reading

Yugra State University takes part in a new global network for climate research

In late April researchers from the Department of Physics of University of Helsinki Dr. Ivan Mammarella and M.Sc. Pavel Alekseychik visited Yugra State University (YSU), Khanty-Mansiysk. They spent a few days at the International field station “Mukhrino” collecting and processing data using the eddy covariance method.

This method allows to acquire more reliable estimates for gas exchange (CO2 and water vapor) between the ecosystem and the atmosphere. In future this makes it possible to forecast climate change in a particular region. It is worth noticing that there are only few operating eddy covariance facilities in Russia. Continue reading

The closing meeting of the INTERACT project participants is being held in Denmark


The closing meeting of the INTERACT project participants and the 8th Forum of field stations managers are being held on November 24-25th in Denmark.

The INTERACT network project was launched in 2011, that same year the international Mukhrino field station of the UNESCO department joined the consortium. A total of more than 70 participating research studies institutes and universities have research stations available and actively monitor environmental conditions of arctic and adjacent areas of the Northern hemisphere (Scandinavia, Greenland, Canada, etc). Continue reading

Yugra State University may become a platform for meteorology research of the Western Siberia


The delegation of meteorology researchers from University of Helsinki have visited Yugra State University for the second time during this year. Early in April they installed Eddy Covariance system (micrometeorological method) at the premises of Mukhrino Field Station. During the stay the scientists organized a school for young researchers dedicated to data processing methods acquired by the aforementioned method.

Finnish colleagues are interested in cooperation with Yugra State University as there are only few Eddy Covariance facilities in Russia which allow to measure carbon dioxide flows and calculate another data such as wind speed and direction, at large distances. Continue reading

Scientists from Scotland conduct researches at Mukhrino Field Station


From early August two groups of scientists have been working at Mukhrino. One researches how the climate change can affect soluble and volatile organic compounds of carbon which form in peat bogs of northern regions. Some of research will be done in Numto natural park where the research station of Yugra State University is located.

The head of the group Roxane Andersen of the Environmental Research Institute of Scotland says that the main purpose of her visit is to test a new method which she together with her colleagues is going to apply during future climate research. Continue reading

The INTERACT project’s manager had a friendly visit in Yugra State University


Elmer Topp-Jorgensen who coordinates 64 managers of international field stations participating in the project had a meeting with the senior management of the University. During the meeting different aspects of University’s cooperation with foreign scientists within the INTERACT project were discussed.

First of all Mr. Topp-Jorgensen told the representatives of Yugra State University, the Vice-rector for academic affairs Roman Kuchin and the head of the chair of IT and computer engineering Sergei Semenov about the project’s four-year long history, its objectives and achievements. He also noticed that the coverage of researchable territories would not be complete without YSU staff taken part in this project on Mukhrino field station. Continue reading