INTERACT II has been approved, so researchers interested in visiting Mukhrino Field Station between March 2017 and April 2018 should apply for funding their visits till 18, December, 2016. Please register at interaccess to apply. 

We kindly ask our visitors to apply for a visit in Mukhrino in advance. The application form contains personal information, information about visit type and details of the results. All collected data are stored in Mukhrino Visit Data Base ( which is intended for accumulation of statistics about visits to Mukhrino.

The details of research project will be collected in another Mukhrino Research DB (currently under development).

If you want to visit Mukhrino FS, please fill in the form (the answer will come to your email within 1 day). If this application was not filed in advance, please fill in the form after the visit (it is important for us to keep track of visits to Muhrino). This also applies to the station’s employees, which should report about the activities in Mukhrino through the form.


We appreciate your time!

It takes about 5 minutes to fill all * required fields for a newly registering person and about 2 minutes for old visitors. We would also appreciated your additional time to fill descriptive fields that will help to keep a detailed history of activities at MFS.

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