For visitors

Preparation of invitation for Russian Visa

  • Start you preparations min 2 months in advance
  • The dates of arrival and departure should be decided
  • Please, fill in the provided visa form (doc)
  • Please, attach an electronic copy of your passport (page with photo)
  • Send the visa form and a passport to Nina Filippova (then it will be sent to Oksana Gololobova)
  • Your invitation will be ready in 20 working days and an electronic version will be sent to you via email
  • Apply for visa only in the  Russian consulate indicated in the visa form (it could take a month at this stage!)

Other documentation

Порядок оказания услуг на Международном полевом стационаре “Мухрино” (Pdf)

Регламент оказания услуг на Международном полевом стационаре “Мухрино” (Pdf)

Положение Международном полевом стационаре “Мухрино” (Pdf)

Положение о НОЦ ДОСиГИК – кафедре ЮНЕСКО (Pdf)