TeaComposition results published

Good news! The first publication about global short-term TeaComposition expriements come up recently (follow the link). It shows some conclusions on key drivers of decomposition dynamics across the globe (the map of field sites where the experiments were conducted is really impressive). 

Citizen science could provide large-scale data about ecosystem dynamics in short time, as it is with the project on decomposition dynamics coordinated by TeaComposition initiative (http://www.teatime4science.org/citizens/). The project was supported by INTERACT and many stations launched their experiments with tea bags including Mukhrino FS in 2016.

We used three different ecosystems types (peatlands and forest) to provide data on decomposition dynamics in natural settings. Plus a series of plots in experimental conditions of OTC were launched additionally in 2017 and a series of native litters were incubated in parallel to tea bags. There are now about 500 different bag-observations in our database (extracted or to-be-extracted in the future) on decomposition dynamics in Mukhrino. Some pictures from the field uploaded here:


Previously we presented the first results on our local short-term experiment in Mukhrino in a poster (WSPCC-2017) and also a full paper will come soon in WSPCC-2017 / IOP conference series about these results. The other collected data are under analysis and it is very interesting to see what the results would be.

If you are interested in the research in this field, please join us in litter decomposition adventures!

Short-term Tea Decomposition experiment in Mukhrino poster


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