Extending ties with Germany


The leaders of Yugra State University were glad to meet the representatives of Münster University, Westphalia (Germany) and Tyumen State University (Russia) on August 6th, 2015. The key discussion topic was actions to be taken for the further implementation of the «Route of Friendship» project performed by the three universities as well as cooperation prospects for academic mobility.

The meeting resulted in a cooperation agreement signed by Yugra State University and Münster University.

It was the first time for YSU to co-host the «Route of Friendship» International Youth Forum. Previously, participants of the annual project were left to visit only cities of Tyumen, Tobolsk and Ishym. However, the head of the German delegation professor Norbert Hölzel decided to show even farther northern part of West Siberia to his students majoring in ecology and geography.

According to Mr. Hölzel, Khanty-Mansiysk has exceeded his expectations. The city is quite famous for being a host venue for Biathlon World Cup competitions. Nevertheless the visitors were amused with so advanced and flourishing location after having covered hundreds of kilometers on their way from Tobolsk being surrounded by thick forests. He also noticed the convenience level in YSU’s dormitories and academic blocks. «Prior to assigning students to summer training or researches one should witness with their own eyes what is awaiting them. It is about roads, accommodation and education facilities, etc. As it turned out Khanty-Mansiysk is a good place to send students without any doubts». – Norbert Hölzel shared his opinion.

During the two-days stay in the city the guests were visiting local museums and key sights, had a hiking tour in the forest and river trip to the Irtysh floodplain. Field station of Yugra State University located in Shapsha (rural settlement) became one of the most captivating feature of the whole visit. UNESCO chair fellows told about main courses of researches in our university and arranged a tour around the station and its premises so as to let students have a close look at ecosystems in our region and even collect plant specimens there.

Professor Hölzel claimed West Siberia to be attractive for many ecologists from European countries, though conducting researches there requires specified material base and infrastructure failure to have which makes obstacles for research projects in the region. Yugra State University enjoys all conditions necessary to become an international research center for climate change and biodiversity study in West Siberia. This is why the German party has a keen interest for establishing long-term fruitful cooperation with our university.

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