The closing meeting of the INTERACT project participants is being held in Denmark


The closing meeting of the INTERACT project participants and the 8th Forum of field stations managers are being held on November 24-25th in Denmark.

The INTERACT network project was launched in 2011, that same year the international Mukhrino field station of the UNESCO department joined the consortium. A total of more than 70 participating research studies institutes and universities have research stations available and actively monitor environmental conditions of arctic and adjacent areas of the Northern hemisphere (Scandinavia, Greenland, Canada, etc).

The main way of cooperation within the project is providing the Transnational Access to its research infrastructure, Mukhrino field station has become one of the 20 alike stations. As it is was announced during the closing meeting, our field station had become the 3-rd popular facility behind the field stations in Zackenberg (Greenland) and Abisko (Northern Sweden) which are being financed by the Danish government and the Swedish Academy of Sciences respectively. Over a period of 2011-2014 more than 60 foreign scientists from the Academy of Sciences of France, the Center for ecology and hydrology of Scotland, the Federal Center for forestry research of Austria, universities from France, Spain, Finland, Poland, Estonia and other countries have visited Mukhrino.

By the end of 2014 the INTERACT project is about to be over but established cooperation with groups of foreign scientists who make use of the Mukhrino field station as one of the platforms for their surveys will develop efficiently in the following years, according to Elena Lapshina. To do this a good start has been made, these are scientific ties, developed station’s infrastructure and its popularity with scientific community.

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